level the playing field with a community of allies.

The Center

The Center’s vision is to connect like-minded people to create a collaborative community based on equality and an appreciation of each other’s differences. This community is built by and for the people it serves.

Common Ground Community Center

Common Ground
Community Center

Connecting like-minded people to create a collaborative community based on equality and appreciation for each other's differences.

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The Center School

The Center

Creating experiences that speak to your academic needs, your learning style, and your interests.

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The Homeschool Center

Homeschool Center

Supporting and expanding your homeschooling options by providing classes, social activities, and a collaborative community.

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Maryland Homeschool Reviews

Homeschool Reviews

Homeschooling support & reviews in the style that works for you.

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Common Ground Community Center is a collaborative community with a foundation of equality, inclusion, and education. Our services include community involvement & partnership, a microschool, a homeschool center, and homeschool reviews and support.

Common Ground Community Center older child holding younger child

Common Ground
Community Center

Is a collaborative community with a foundation of equality, inclusion, and education.

Kids outside for science class learning about catapults

The Center

We are a flexible, collaborative microschool designed for independent learners.

Kids in science class with teachers learning

The Homeschool

We support all nontraditional learners from unschoolers to eclectic to academic.

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Maryland Homeschool

Maryland Homeschool Reviews is a MSDE approved Homeschool Umbrella.


“Becoming members of The Center has been one of the most rewarding things we’ve done as a homeschool family. After seven years of mostly independent homeschooling, we were thrilled to join such a diverse, caring, and supportive space that allows our children to thrive and feel safe. The teachers and staff are kind and empathetic to each family’s unique needs, and the kids are genuinely happy to be there. The classes are creative, challenging, and flexible. Even my husband and I look forward to our time there. We hope to be a part of The Center family for years to come!”
~ Rashida Braxton Simmons

“The Center meets our kids where they are. The teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses, their interests and needs, and they find ways to help them grow and expand their horizons. It is as perfect a fit as we can imagine for our curious, occasionally stubborn, but delightfully nontraditional learner kids.”
~Katherine and Sean Lally

“My son is finishing his senior year at the Baltimore School of Independent Learners. He’s been here all 4 years of high school. Now he can choose between 8 different colleges. He was accepted everywhere he applied, including some nationally ranked top 100 colleges. I am absolutely certain that my son’s college application success is due to having attended a school where his background and experience set him apart.”
~Jenn S.

“BSIL is a unique and wonderful school! One of the main reasons is that the #1 rule is to be nice and accepting of each other! This has meant so much to my trans kid who was bullied for most of their time in elementary and middle public schools, with no substantial support from the administrations. The teachers also are patient and kind, and work with each individual student’s needs. During our time with BSIL, we have also had room and space to uncover my child’s learning diversities. Now instead of being shuffled through an overworked system, my child is an integral part of a loving and inclusive community. As a parent, I have felt supported, heard and loved from day one. I recommend BSIL to all my friends with kids who are inquisitive, intelligent, and who have the desire to enjoy an independent yet supportive learning environment.”
~ Sahffi Lynne

“Baltimore School for Independent Learners was a breath of fresh air after a school career filled with difficulty in public and private school settings. Here, my curious, smart, unique child was given the space to finally be xherself both personally and academically. I honestly can't imagine how our child would have made it through high school, let alone with such success, without BSIL. They changed xher life and xher relationship with learning and I will forever be thankful.”
~ Kara Tyler