About Us


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Kelly Nebraska

& Executive Director

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Brittany Williams

Executive Director
of The Center School
& Director of CGCC

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Michelle Fewer

Director of
Community Outreach
& Financial Operations

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Julie Bernhardt

Director of  The Homeschool Center

Staff & Volunteers

  • Lamont Williams
  • Kate Heck
  • Monique (Nikki) Roberson
  • Rebecca Wald
  • Greg Bernhardt
  • Enid Franklin
  • Sean Lally
  • Rashida Braxton Simmons
  • William Acosta
  • Nuari Williams
  • Jill Reynolds
  • Jackie Acosta
  • John Monahan
  • Don Tyler
  • Carrie Nease
  • Kara Tyler
  • Ben Polyakov
  • Sahffi Lynne
  • Kat Lally
  • Sie Langley
  • Mar Braxton
  • Jennifer Schmidt
  • Mark Napolitano
  • John Fewer
  • Fran Aycock
  • Tiffany Averill
  • Nicole Ross-Sterrett
  • Lara Wrigley
  • Kristin Landi
  • Ziggy

Our story

The Center started as a personal endeavor to find a secular homeschooling group that was socially and culturally diverse and inclusive to all, including the quirky, eccentric, and socially awkward. We were searching for an organization that offered activities to multiple ages so that we could take our kids to one place instead of driving to many.

Another priority for us was to find a community where we, the parents, could make friends and connections, where we could be with other adults as parents but also as people independent of our parental status. Of course, we thought it already existed. It must, right? We searched for well over a year and realized that it didn't, at least we couldn't find it.

In 2010 we opened Baltimore Homeschool Community Center with a small group of like-minded parents and kids. As it turned out, there were many people who were also looking for the same thing. Those first months and years were challenging, as they often are for new, small nonprofits and businesses, but our motto was, if we build it, they will come. So, we did and they did.

After many requests from our homeschooling families, we started Maryland Homeschool Reviews in 2012. MHR is a homeschool umbrella approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and under the jurisdiction of Common Ground Community Center. We also applied for our 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2012.

In 2013 we started our microschool, Baltimore School of Independent Learners. Many of our homeschooling students and parents who loved The Center community and philosophy desired a program that was somewhere between homeschooling and traditional school. We have worked tirelessly over the years to build a flexible, collaborative microschool designed to suit the interests and learning styles of independent learners. Our school continues to grow and evolve and our foundation of equality, education, and the empowerment of historically resilient people and their allies is steadfast.

In September of 2019 we moved from our original home in Pikesville, Maryland to a larger building in Owings Mills where we had safe, virtual, and beautiful graduation celebrations for the class of 2020 and the class of 2021 during the COVID pandemic.

We continue to build The Center for the people who currently use our services and thrive in our community and also for the ones to come, the ones who will look for us. We will continue to focus on our vision to connect like-minded people and to build a collaborative community based on equality and appreciation for each other's differences. This community is built by and for the people it serves.