Common Ground Community Center

Who We Are

Common Ground Community Center (The Center) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which has built a collaborative community, school, and homeschool center based on equality, education, and the empowerment of historically resilient people and their allies.

Our Mission & Vision

The Center’s Mission is to Level the Playing Field with a Community of Allies.

The Center’s vision is to connect like-minded people to create a collaborative community based on equality and an appreciation for each other's differences. This community is built by and for the people it serves.

What We Do

Common Ground Community Center group of kids posing for photo

The Center School

We are a flexible, collaborative microschool designed for independent learners.

Kids outside for music class playing instruments in a circle

The Homeschool Center

We support all nontraditional learners from unschoolers to eclectic to academic.

Kids outside building with wood.


Maryland Homeschool Reviews is a MSDE approved Homeschool Umbrella.

Building Partnerships

If you are a nonprofit organization or a for profit business and you are interested in partnering with us, please email The Center with your contact information and your ideas for working together.