The Homeschool Center

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What We Are

The Homeschool Center is a member-driven organization that provides classes and social activities for homeschoolers, along with a collaborative community for homeschoolers and their families.

The Homeschool Center is not a co-op. Member families are welcome to contribute their time and creative energies, but only to the extent that they desire without the obligation that comes with a co-op.

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How We Work

We support families with diverse educational philosophies and approaches. Our members include unschoolers, traditional academic learners, and families taking a more eclectic approach. Our Homeschool Center is here to support and expand your homeschooling options in a secular and inclusive community.

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We support families with diverse educational philosophies and approaches.


The Homeschool Center (formerly BHCC) is a member driven organization and our members make it possible to keep the center open and running. We understand budgets are tight and we strive to keep fees affordable. A THC membership includes the entire family and grants access to The Center, as well as classes and events that are for members only.

The Homeschool Center Membership Includes access to:

Computer Lab

Art Room

Library/Resource Room

Free WiFi

Member-only classes and events
(For most classes and some events, additional fees apply)

The Homeschool Center
Schedule of Classes and Class Descriptions


THC Members are asked to make a one year commitment.

Membership Fee



*We use an online management database called Alma to collect inquiries and manage the application process. Submitting this form will send your information to us.

THC is happy to offer several methods to pay for membership, classes, events, and space rentals.

You can pay by credit card. Of course you can always pay directly at THC via paper check or cash.

Many members have begun taking advantage of the check processing services their banks offer. Utilizing that method you initiate a payment with your bank and they send THC a paper check. Some banks charge for that service, others do not. If you use your bank check service, please be sure to let us know a payment is on the way as some can take up to 15 business days to process before they mail the check to THC.


Do HomeSchool Center members have access to similar classes at the Center School?

Yes, Homeschool Center members have access to most of the same classes as the Center School.

Can member families participate in classes?

Yes, member families can participate in as many or as few classes as they choose.

Is The Homeschool Center and Maryland Homeschool Reviews part of The Center Nonprofit?

Yes, both The Homeschool Center (formerly BHCC) and Maryland Homeschool Reviews organizations are divisions of The Center Nonprofit. Both organizations serve the Greater Baltimore Homeschooling Community.

Can families join more than one organization at The Center?

Yes, families may choose to join just MHR or just The Homeschool Center, or they can join both. MHR enrollment does not give access to classes at The Homeschool Center and members of The Homeschool Center are not covered by our umbrella unless they are signed up for BOTH.

If a family signs up for both services, do they receive any discounts?

Because of our new lower fee schedule for THC, we are no longer able to offer a discount for families enrolling in both MHR and THC.


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